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Natural Healing with
Medicine of the Prophet
By Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya
Translation and Emendation
by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili
Publisher: Pearl Publishing House
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Table of Contents


Translator's Notes
Biography of Imam Ibn al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

1. The Epoch
2. About The Book of The Provision of The Hereafter
3. The Essence of Knowledge, And Following the Prophetic Guidance Introduction to Islamic Medicine
1. A Brief History
2. Muslims' Contribution To Medicine
3. Traditional Medicine
4. Medicine of The Prophet
5. Conclusion

Part I: Traditional Medicine
1. Natural Healing With The Medicine of The Prophet
2. Use of Natural Medicine
3. The Principles of Healing
4. Understanding Healthy Diet, & The Practical Rules of Eating And Drinking
•-Constitution of The Human Body, And Is Fire One of The Elements?
5. Natural & Spiritual Guidance

Section I:
•- Types of Natural Medicine
•- Treating Fever With Cold Water
•- The Positive Sides of Fever

Section II: Benefits of Honey

Section III: Treatment of Plague

Section IV: Treatment of Dropsy

Section V : Treatment of Wounds

Section VI: Cauterization And Cupping
•- Cupping
•- Benefits of Cupping
•- Points of Application
•- The Best Time To Apply Cupping
•- The Best Days To Apply Cupping
•- Conclusion On The Benefits of Cupping

Section VII: Venesection And Cauterization

Section VIII: Treatment of Epilepsy
•- Treatment of Epilepsy
•- Treating Epilepsy With Exorcism
•- Treatment of Corrupted Humors

Section IX: Treatment of Sciatica
•- Inflammation of The Sciatic Nerve

Section X : Dryness of Temperaments
•And Nature's Need To Balance Them

Section XI: Wearing Silk For The Treatment of Itch
•- Classification of Dress Categories

Section XII: Pleurisy

Section XIII: Treatment of Headache & Hemicrania
1. Types of Headache
2. Cause of Migraine Headache
3. Treatment of Headache
4. Nature of Henna

Section XIV: Feeding the Patient
•- Spiritual Nourishment

Section XV : Inflammation of The Throat

Section XVI: Enlargement of The Heart
1. The Benefits of Dates
2. Spiritual Significance of The Seven Dates
3. Faith: An Antidote

Section XVII: Balancing One's Diet
•As A Primary Preventive Medicine

Section XVIII: Imposition of Abstinence From Food

Section XIX: Cravings of The Sick

Section XX: Treatment of Ophthalmia (Conjunctivitis & Other Eye Diseases)
1. General Effects of Corrupted Humors
2. The Remedy of Conjunctivitis

Section XXI: Treatment of Catalepsy

Section XXII: Concentration of The Disease & The Cure
•- Treating Poison With Its Antidote
1. Ritual Purity (Tahãra)
2. The Medical Effects

Section XXIII: Treatment for Pimples and Boils

Section XXIV: Treatment of Tumescence And Skin Eruptions By Lancination
•- Skin Eruption & Swellings

Section XXV: Visiting The Sick

Section XXVI: On Dietotherapy
•- Dietary Planning

Section XXVII: Treatment of Food Poisoning

Section XXVIII: Caelotherapy and Countering Witchcraft
•- Spiritual Remedies

Section XXIX: Purgation Through Vomiting
1. Causes of Vomiting
2. Humoral Reaction in the Digestive Process
3. The Benefits and Disadvantages of Vomiting
6. Muslims' Contribution To The Healing Arts
7. Physician's Liability
1.1 Practicing Medicine Without Qualification
1.2 Medicine (Tibb) In Language
1.3 Liability of Physicians In Islamic Medical Jurisprudence
1.4 The Five Categories of Physicians
1.5 Liability According To The Four Imams
1.6 Liability of A Felon
1.7 Liability For Accidental Perpetration
1.8 Liability for Giving The Wrong Medicine
1.9 Liability for Operating Without The Patient's Consent
2. Who is A Physician ( Tabïb)?
3. Rules of Medical Diagnosis And Treatment
4. Pathology of A Disease
5. The Ethical Physician, or Tabã'i'i
8. On Avoiding Contagion

A Study On Apostolic Traditions
1. Leprosy
2. The Anxiety Factor
3. Understanding The prophetic Guidance
4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
9. Interdiction of Prescribing What is Deemed Impure
•- Treatment of Head Lice

Part II: Spiritual Medicine
1. Simple & Compound
1.1 Treating The Victim of A Malevolent Evil Eye
1.2 Kinds of Evil Eye
1.3 Sources of The Evil Eye
1.4 Treating The Victim of Evil Eye
1.5 Preventing Harm-Causing To Others
1.6 The Benefits of Ablution
1.7 Guarding One's Attainments
1.8 The Power of Prayers In Reversing The Effects Of The Evil Eye
1.9 Prophetic Guidance Regarding General Protective Prayers
1.10 On Nullifying The Effects of A Poisonous Bite
1.11 The Essence of Surat-ul Fatiha (Chapter One)
1.12 The Benefits of Reciting Surat-ul Fatiha As A Charm
1.13 Treating Scorpion's Sting With Qur'anic Verses
1.14 Benefits of Salt
1.15 Treating Eczema With Ruqã Prayers
1.16 Using Ruqã Prayers For Snakebite
1.17 Treating Suppurations, Boils, or Cuts With Ruqya
1.18 Treating Pain And General Malaise With Ruqya
1.19 Overcoming The Fever of Adversity And Sorrow
2.1 Extinguishing The Fire of Bewilderment
2.2 Other Treatments for Anxiety And Sorrow
2.3 Treatment of Distress, Worries, Grief, And Dispiritedness
2.4 The Agency Effecting The Cure
2.5 The Benefits of Ritual Prayers (Salãt)
2.6 Prayers To Overcome Apprehension, Fear, And Insomnia
2.7 Extinguishing Fire With Prayers

2. General Prophetic Guidance In Preventive Medicine
•- The Balance of Moisture And Heat
1. God's Messenger's Food And Drink
2. His Physical Posture At Meal
3. Eating With His Fingers
4. Mixing Food
5. His Drinks (Honey)
6. His Clothing
7. His Home
8. His Rest
9. Nature of Sleep
10. Prayers Before Retiring To Bed
11. Sleeping On The Right Side
12. His Wakefulness
13. Physical Fitness And Activities

3. Excretion Through Coitus
3.1 Sexual Conduct
3.2 The Injurious And Impermissible Sexual Congress
3.3 Treating Amativeness And Attraction To Physical Form
3.4 Kinds of Love
3.5 Treating Love With Marriage
3.6 Abstention As Cure
3.7 The Wine of The Spirit

Part III: Simple Food And Medicine And Their Physical and Spiritual Properties And Benefits
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