Al Fathu Rabbãni wal Faidhu Rahmãni
The Endowment of Divine Grace
& The Spread of Divine Mercy
by Sidi Shaykh Muhyiddeen Abdul Qadir Gilani
trans. by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili
© 1990-2016 Pearl Publishing House

Chapter 6

Importance of Brotherly Advice

The hearts of the true believers are pure, sacred and crystal clear. They forgot about the creation but kept the remembrance of the Creator. They think no more of the world but keep their focus on the hereafter. They ignore what you have and solicit what God Almighty has. In contrast, you have been kept in the dark, where they are veiled from you and you cannot recognize their true state. That is because you have been absorbed in your worldly affairs to the detriment of your life in the hereafter. You have abandoned your modesty and shyness before your Lord, and you are belligerent with Him. Accept your believing brother’s advice and do not contradict him. He sees for you what you cannot see for yourself. That is why the Prophet, upon whom be peace, said: “A believer is the mirror of another believer.”
A believer is sincere and truthful in advising his believing brother. He explains to him things which otherwise would be imperceptible. He makes him discern between good and evil, and clarifies for him his rights and obligations.
All praises be to God Who cast upon my heart the duty to admonish the people and made that my biggest concern. I am only offering sincere advice. I am not asking any reward for it. My Lord has already awarded me my final destiny. I am not a seeker of this world. I am not a slave to this world or the hereafter. I worship none besides my Lord. I worship only the Creator, the One and only God, the Absolute, the Eternal Lord Who existed before the beginningless beginning, and I celebrate His praises.
I rejoice when you are successful and become distressed when you fall. When I look at the face of a truthful seeker who has attained success at my hands, I rejoice and have no more hunger, thirst or needs. I smile, wondering, and say to myself: “How could such an attained being have reached such success at my hands?” Child, my goal is you, not me. If you change for the better, it will be for you not me. I have already crossed into my destination. Now it is your turn. I am here for your sake, so grab onto me so you may cross the bridge faster.
O ye people! Refrain from your arrogance with your Lord and haughtiness towards His creations. Acknowledge your worth and humble yourselves within. You have all commenced from a filthy dash of sperm ejected as discarded water, and you will end as a discarded decaying cadaver. Be not like someone who is dragged by his greed and hunted by his lust. His passion will carry him to the doors of the rich to ask for something which is not written for him, or to receive his share, but through humiliation and degradation. The Prophet, upon whom be peace, said: “God’s strongest chastisements to His servant in this world come from his asking for what is not his share.”
O fool, you are certainly ignorant of the divine decree or the One Who preordained it. Do you think that the people of this world can give you something which is not written for you? Your thoughts are no more than satan’s whisperings which have already taken hold of your heart and brain. You are not God’s slave. You are the slave of your mind and desire (nafs), passions, satan, karmic habits, pennies and dinars.
Thus, search for and associate yourself with a successful person so you may achieve victory by his method (tarïqa). Someone, God bless his soul, said: “One may not recognize what success is unless he meets a successful person.” However, when you are lucky enough to meet such a person, you look at him with the eyes of your head, not the eyes of your heart and innermost being. Even the image you project about your faith is not yours, but a copy of someone else’s practices. That is why you do not possess the vision with which to see someone other than yourself. God Almighty has said: “It is not the physical eyes that become blind, but the hearts which lie in the breast that lose sight.”
One whose greed impels him to extort the world from the hands of the creation, has in fact sold his religion and faith in God Almighty for a handful of dried figs. He sold what is eternal for the price of what is perishable. That is why, unfailingly, he will end by having neither one of them.
Child, as long as your faith is not thoroughly developed, strive to correct the way you earn your livelihood. Do it in such a way that you do not become dependent on people, or debilitate your faith by swindling people’s money with it, putting a price tag on your religious obligations. However, once your faith becomes stronger and matures, then trust in God Almighty and become His dependent. Become free from your psychological dependency on the creations, sever your connection to your worldly patrons, and fly away with your heart to be forever free from them. Let your heart journey away from your home town, family, business, and connections. Entrust what you have to the hands of your immediate family, brothers and close friends. Become dead to the world, as though the angel of death had come and taken back your soul, as if he had come like lightning and robbed you of them, as if the earth cleaved and swallowed you, as if the waves of the divine decree and preordained destiny have swept you away and carried you and drowned you in the ocean of knowledge. For one who reaches such a state, there can be no created force (asbãb) that could ever harm him. Even should such created forces ever touch him, their effect would be outward not inward. These forces are for others, not for him.
O ye people! If you are incapable of practicing what I just told you, of becoming free from worldly entanglements, or renouncing them with your hearts from every angle, then do it from one angle. Try to take one step at a time. If you cannot do them all, then do no less than a few. Our Prophet, upon whom be peace, used to say: “Free yourselves, as much as possible, from your worldly concerns.”
Child, if you have the strength and determination to free yourself from your worldly entanglements, then do it. Otherwise, hold on to your heart and run fast towards your Lord. Grab the tail of His divine mercy and implore Him incessantly until He casts any worldly worries out of your heart. He is the One Who has the power over everything. He is the All-Knowing Lord. Everything is under His command. Remain at His door, and pray to Him to purify your heart from everything besides Him. Implore Him to fill your heart with true faith, knowledge of Him, acknowledgement of His being, and satisfaction in Him alone. Ask Him to endow you with certitude and determination (yaqïn). Ask Him to comfort your heart with His own presence, to engage you in serving Him and obeying His command. Ask for everything you need from Him, and none else. Asking from the creation is humiliation. Humble yourself to God Almighty alone. Let all your dealings be with Him alone, for His sake and none else.
Child, a knowledgeable tongue will not advance you one step nearer to your Lord unless your words are correlated with the deeds of your heart. The walking is the walking of the heart. Nearness is the nearness of one’s innermost being unto God Almighty. Deeds are what they imply in truth, while physically observing the rules of sharï‘a, humbling oneself to God Almighty and to His creations.
One who values himself to be important is of no value. One who exhibits his deeds publicly for show has no deeds. Real deeds are those which are not disclosed to others. Only the necessary obligatory precepts (farã’idh) should be done in public. Previously you have neglected to properly lay the foundation of your building, thus constructing any structure on top of a shaky base would be of no benefit to you. When the foundation is strong, you can repair any damaged structure above it, or even replace the entire house, should the need be. Thus, the foundation of good deeds are belief in the Oneness (tawhïd) of God Almighty and sincerity (ikhlãs) in one’s actions. For one who has no such faith, his work is in vain.
Properly construct the foundation of your deeds with the pillars of belief in God’s Oneness and true sincerity. Once that is accomplished, then proceed in building your actions with God’s will ( hawul) and power (quwwa), not yours. The hand of glorifying God’s Oneness (tawhïd) is the builder, not the hand of hypocrisy and polytheism (shirk). Only the actions of such a true believer (muwahhid) will rise in value, not those of a hypocrite.
O Lord, make hypocrisy distant from us in all circumstances. Amen.
“Our Lord, grant us the benefits of a good deed in this world, the reward of a good deed in the hereafter, and protect us eternally from the sufferings of hell-fire.”

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