Al Fathu Rabbãni wal Faidhu Rahmãni
The Endowment of Divine Grace
& The Spread of Divine Mercy
by Sidi Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani
trans. by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili
© 1990-2016 Pearl Publishing House

Table of Contents


1 Never Object to God's Will
2 On Poverty
3 Wish not for Wealth
4 On Repentance
5 The Reason Behind God's Love For His Servants
6 The Importance of Brotherly Advice
7 On Patience
8 Be not Ostentatious
9 The Trials of a Believer
10  Absence of constraint
11  To Know God
12  Ask for nothing from other than God
13  Giving Preference to one's life in the hereafter over his life in this world
14 To Dispel Hypocrisy
15 Giving Priority to others needs
16 Deeds by the Qur'an
17 Not to worry about one's provisions
18 Jihadu-Nafs. The Inner Struggle
19 Fearing God Almighty
20 Words without actions
21 Turning one's attention away from the creations
22 Let go of the love of the world from your heart
23 Polishing one's heart from rust and corrosion
24 Abstain from associating with God in His ruling
25 To Have Ascetic Detachment In The World
26 Not to Express One's Grievances to others
     Including Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani's daily invocations
27 Do not Lie
28 To Love In God Almighty
29 Never to Humble One's Self for a Rich Man Because of His Wealth
30 To Acknowledge God's Favors With Gratitude
31 The Good Type and the Bad Type of Anger
32 Fulfilling the Divine Command
33 Seeing God Almighty on the Day of Reckoning
34 Dispelling Arrogance
35 Fearing God Almighty
36 To have Sincerity in Devoting one's deeds to God Almighty
37 Visiting the Sick
38 The Benefit of Saying La Ilaha Il-Allah
39 To Love The Righteous Ones And The Friends of God Almighty
40 Understanding One's Religion
41 To Love in God
42 On Piety
43 The evil commanding self
44 The World is the Prison of a Believer
45 To Hold Tight To The Trustworthy Rope of God
46 Follow The Messenger
47 To Abhor the People When they Cause Harm
48 On Good Deeds
49 ToBe Generous When Asked for Help
50 To Free Oneself From Worldly Concerns
51 Do not Confine yourself to the World
52 To See The World With A Rennunciate's Eyes
53 Trials and Visitations
54 Reflecting about the Day of Gathering
55 To be Content With Providence
56 Contemplating About God Almighty
57 On Truthfulness
58 Deeds And Sincerity

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