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Natural Healing with
Medicine of the Prophet
By Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya
Translation and Emendation
by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili
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It is an honor and a privilege to write this foreword to a most illustrious book, Natural Healing With The Medicine of The Prophet by Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya (1292-1350 C.E.) with the translation and emendation by Imam Muhammad Al-Akili.

In these days when there is a great spirit of Islamic revivalism, many Islamic scholars and researchers have gone back to the wisdom of the ancient Muslim scholars. This book is an example in particular. Most of the Muslim physicians, if not all, are aware of the golden era of Islamic medicine that lasted for more than one thousand years. The contributions that the Muslim physicians made during this time indeed laid the foundation stone of modern medicine. Unfortunately, not much is written or said in the books of history of medicine regarding the great discoveries and contribution that were made by Muslim physicians during this era. It is about time that the Muslim scholars and researchers rectified this and put the Muslim contribution in medicine in the proper place in the history of medicine.

The prophet h, peace be upon him, himself was endowed with great knowledge. He had a great logical and scientific mind which enabled him to empirically advise the Umma on proper prophylaxis and prevention. He even advised on benefits of certain medications, certain natural remedies, and the benefits of surgical interventions. All of this is admittedly dealt with in this book which I advocate every physician, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, to read and benefit from.

The International Institute of Islamic Medicine which was mandated by the Islamic Medical Association of North America and came into existence in 1993, has as one of its main objectives to revive Islamic medical history and put it into its proper place. No doubt this book is paving the way for the accomplishment of such an ambition.

Husain F. Nagamia, M.D.
International Institute of Islamic Medicine


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